Putting the Patient FIRST

Anesthesiologists are physicians are responsible for insuring the safety and comfort of patients undergoing surgical procedures of all types, the relief of pain, and the delivery of critical care medicine to patients in the intensive care unit. The WYSOA is an association of these physicians from all across Wyoming who are committed to the highest standards of care on all three of these fronts.

Separated as we are in the island towns and cities scattered across Wyoming, our members are bound together by the common values of patient safety, service and the practice of evidence-based, cost-effective medicine. Anesthesiologists plan for a safe surgical experience, attempting to optimize the patient for surgery and facilitate a smooth and minimal stress recovery process.

It’s not just about the nap.

In emergency surgery we anticipate the needs of our patients when uncontrollable circumstances arise, applying clinical science and experience to reduce and hopefully overcome the risks when disasters happen. 

Our role as team members includes caring for our patients, collaborating with our surgeons, coordinating quality programs and daily practices with our colleague nurses and optimizing the operations of our hospitals and assisting our local employers to find cost-effective solutions to healthcare challenges.

Outside of medicine many of us are active members of our communities, working in local and state service organizations. 

We’re a quiet group, mostly invisible, but ultimately thoughtful and dependable. If you get a chance soon, say hello to one of our members in your hometown.

John Mansell, MD
President, Wyoming Society of Anesthesiologists